• 01. What is instant noodle ?
    Instant noodle consists of fried noodle with seasoning powder and/or flavored oil and may include other condiment such as dried vegetables, dried seafood (shrimp, squid, etc.).
  • 02. is it safe to eat “noodle” as “raw” snack ?
    Some consumers found that they enjoy “Yum Yum” noodles as a snack, just like potato chips. “Yum Yum” noodles are already cooked and it safe to eat as raw, no different from potato chips. For example, eat noodle as it is without adding the seasoning powder or add seasoning powder (as preference) inside the noodle package for more flavoring and crash the noodle and eat straight from the package.
  • 03. how to reduce the salt and/or strong taste content ?
    Adjust the amount of seasoning powder/flavored oil by adding portion of the content to suit your taste.
  • 04. how ‘s the usage of cooking oil ?
    We always use fresh palm oil in noodle frying process as the noodle cake fried in the frying equipment which new fresh oil is continuously fed into the frying system
  • 05. dose the company produce private label brands ?
    Currently we produced private label brands for international companies in Europe and Asia
  • 06. is msg safe for infants ?
    Yes. Scientific studies show that infants metabolise MSG in just the same way as adults. In fact, human breast milk contains a much higher level of glutamate than cow\’s milk. Please see Free Glutamate Content in Food Table
  • 07. Will the addition of more msg make food taste better ?
    The taste of MSG, like the taste of salt, has a self-limiting characteristic. Only a small amount of MSG is needed to achieve optimum flavor. Further addition of MSG has little or no beneficial effect.
  • 08. how is msg made ?
    Glutamate is produced through fermentation, a process used in making beer, vinegar, soy sauce and yogurt. The process begins with natural products such as molasses from sugar cane or sugar beets and food starch from tapioca or cereals.